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BackJacker Overview

BackJacker is the first public plugin of its kind.  At a high level overview, this tool will hijack most modern browsers back button once someone visits a page with BackJacker enabled.  BackJacker boasts the following major benefits that most, if not all website owners can benefit from:

  • Reduce Website Bounce Rates By Up To 20%
  • Boost Sales And Opt-Ins Without The Need For An Exit Pop
  • Explode Affiliate Commissions By Sending Traffic To Your Affiliate Link When They Click The Back Button

BackJacker Plugin Versions

The BackJacker plugin is sold in three different versions depending on our customers needs.

The most basic version is called BackJacker Standard.  This version of BackJacker allows for hijacking of the back button to point to any page or post on the same site where the plugin is installed.  This is great for webmasters who only want a tool to reduce their bounce rate or increase sales and opt-ins.

BackJacker Advanced is a more feature rich version of the plugin.  While it allows for the same options as BackJacker Standard, it also includes the ability to hijack the back button to send traffic to external websites.  In addition, BackJacker Advanced has the ability to disable itself if a bot or search engine crawler visits the site.

Lastly, we have BackJacker Ultimate which has all of the features included in Advanced, and adds some pretty amazing features.  While BackJacker Advanced can disable itself from bots and crawlers, BackJacker Ultimate is able to automatically rename its plugin folder and cookie names making it relatively stealth due to lack of any footprints.  In addition BackJacker Ultimate allows for specific back button hijacking configured on a page by page basis.  While BackJacker Standard and Advanced have the ability to hijack the back button on a global configuration level, BackJacker Ultimate gives users a lot more control and granularity.  Users have the option to disable BackJacker on specific pages, use the global settings, or configure specific back button options on each page or post.  This works out great if you do not want to hijack the back button on every page of your website and only focus on sales or affiliate product review pages.

BackJacker Standard and Advanced are sold as either a single site license, or in packs of 10.  BackJacker Ultimate is sold with an unlimited license as an upsell to anyone who purchases 10 licenses of either BackJacker Standard or BackJacker Advanced.

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