Additional de-bounce protection

This BackJacker Ultimate feature provides an additional means to protecting the bounce rate that the search engines use when calculating the user experience.  While BackJacker will work wonders in your analytic tracking tools in terms of showing a reduced bounce rate, studies have shown that search engines measure actual bounce rate when a visitor returns to the search results from a website.

Our de-bounce protection works great to protect your site for users bouncing back to the referring page.  When enabled, it adds additional temporary placeholders into the back button history.  In some browsers, if your page loads slowly and a user clicks the back button before the page finishes loading, it could allow the user to bounce back to the referring page.  With this additional de-bounce protection, you can add multiple placeholders into the back button stack.  If someone clicks back while your page is loading and BackJacker is unable to send them to the configured page, the back button press will leave the user on the same page that is still loading.  Each back button press will decrement the number of placeholders that you can configure with the additional de-bounce settings.  Once the page finishes loading, BackJacker will send the traffic to the configured setting using either the global configuration or you custom settings for that page or post.

If by chance the user clicks back after your original BackJacker configured links have been fully processed, you can opt to send the visitor to either the final lookup URL or the referring domain with any leftover placeholder spots injected into the back button stack.  If you choose the referring domain, BackJacker will send users back to the root domain they came from and not the exact page that brought them to your site.  This allows your bounce rate to remain low, while hopefully tricking your visitor into thinking they are returning to the place that brought them to your site.

*If you plan on using the conditional options below, be aware that if you enable the additional de-bounce protection by specifying a number greater than 0, it will still send users to either the referring domain or the final lookup URL for any placeholders that are created.  If you want to have BackJacker completely disabled based on how much time a users spends on your site, or if a user clicks on a link, you will not want to enable this setting.