BackJacker Licensing

After BackJacker is installed, you will need to properly register your web site in order to enable BackJacker functionality.

  1. Begin by logging into your WordPress Dashboard, then click on Settings ->BackJacker
  2. On the BackJacker Settings page, under Registration, look at the Domain for API Registration.  This is the fully qualified domain of your website.  Copy the URL exactly as it appears in this section.
  3. Log in to the BackJacker website members area, then click the link Manage API Keys.
  4. On the Manage API Keys, paste in the fully qualified domain name you copied from step 2, then click the Add button.  This will generate your unique API key which you will want to copy.
  5. Return to your WordPress site, paste your API Key into the Serial field.
  6. Review the BackJacker TOS, then click the Agree to BackJacker TOS and validate serial button.
*It is important to copy the domain URL exactly as it appears in step 2.  If you do not enter the domain properly the API key will not be valid when you try and register BackJacker on your site.  As an example, is not the same as