BackJacker Updates

BackJacker is a plugin that is continuously being developed and improved.  When it comes to updating BackJacker you have the option of being notified about an update and manually telling BackJacker to install the new version, or you can let BackJacker automatically install new updates when they are released.

The update options are as follows:

  • Auto version check interval – This is the time period that BackJacker will check in with our update server to see if a new version is available.  This can be set to Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • New version notification – This will alert you within your WordPress dashboard if their is an update to BackJacker if you have enabled the Auto version check interval.
  • Auto update – If you check this box, BackJacker will automatically install the latest version of BackJacker when it detects an update from our update servers.

You can manually check for an update by clicking the Check Now button next to the Last update check.

If you want to test the latest BackJacker developments prior to them going live, you have the option of opting into our Beta releases.  These releases will have the latest bug fixes as well as features that our internal team is testing prior to pushing them out as updates to our customers.  If you want to test BackJacker and make sure the new version works on your test sites prior to the version being released to the general public feel free to opt into our Beta program.

Opting into our Beta program will help ensure that future releases of BackJacker do not have a negative effect on your production sites and will help everyone using BackJacker have a stable bug free product.  If you do enter our Beta program and find an issue, please let us know by opening a ticket at