Bot Options

To greater reduce indexing sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo from detecting anything out of the ordinary on your site BackJacker has the option of enabling bot detection.  By enabling the Ignore Bots check box, BackJacker will look at the browser User Agents of anyone visiting your site.  If the User Agent matches one that resembles a bot, BackJacker will not enable itself whatsoever.  The bot will see nothing out of the ordinary as BackJacker will sit dormant injecting nothing into your site for any bot or crawler to find.

If you want added protection and want to disable BackJacker based on User Agent and IP addresses, you can also provide BackJacker an IP list to ignore.  Whether you have built your own IP list, found a bot list online, or subscribe to a bot IP list service, you can easily integrate your list into BackJacker for added protection.  The IP list settings are as follows:

Ignore IP File Fetch URL Interval – This setting is the frequency that BackJacker will download your IP list file from the URL you provide.  As IP lists for bots are constantly changing you have the option of downloading your IP list every 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours.

Ignore IP File URL – This is the location you plan to upload your IP list to.  BackJacker will look to this location when the fetch URL interval is triggered.

Ignore IP File – This is the location on your local web server that you would like to place the IP list that BackJacker downloads from the URL configured.  Alternatively, you can place the IP list file locally on your web server manually and specify the location of the file here.

*If you enable Bot Protection, be sure to either deactivate any caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache, or at minimum turn off page caching and minification.  These caching plugins will cache your site based on the first person who visits it and then serve the cached pages to any subsequent visitors whether they are bots or legitimate traffic.