Exit Jacker

Exit Jacker is the most advanced Exit Popup on the market and only available to BackJacker Ultimate users.  Exit Jacker differs from all of the Exit Popup scripts as it will not trigger the Exit Popup until someone actually tries to leave your site by either typing a new URL in the address bar, or by hitting the back button enough times to go through all of the injected back button URLs and eventually leave your website.

All of the other Exit Popup scripts will trigger as soon as someone tries to leave the page you have the script enabled on.  Whether they try and visit another page on your site or attempt to leave, the Exit Popup will be triggered.

Another really amazing feature of Exit Jacker is that in certain browsers, if a user types in a URL into the address bar, even if they click the Leave This Site button in the Exit Popup, Exit Jacker will still take them to the configured URL bypassing what the user had typed into the address bar!  This does not work in every browser as certain browsers attempt to prefetch pages as the user is typing in the address bar.  Clicking Stay On Page will always allow you to send your traffic to whatever URL you configured in the Exit Jacker settings area.

Exit Jacker has the following settings:

Enable Exit Jacker – Ticking the box will turn on Exit Jacker functionality.

Exit Message – This is the message that will be displayed to your visitor when Exit Jacker is triggered in the pop up window.

Exit Link URL – This is the URL you want to send your traffic to when Exit Jacker is triggered.

Exit Pop Cookie Name – This will set a specific cookie name of your choosing when Exit Jacker is triggered.  This cookie will be used should you choose to only Exit Jack a visitor once.

Exit Pop Cookie Duration – This sets the expiration of the Exit Jacker cookie.  If you set this to zero, it will be a session cookie and will not trigger Exit Jacker for the user so long as they do not close their browser.  Setting a number here will tell the cookie how long to stay active in days.  If it is set to 10, the cookie will be valid for 10 days and will not Exit Jack the visitor again until the cookie expires.

Rescan for links every X seconds – This tells Exit Jacker to rescan your page for any new dynamic content every X seconds.  If you have a page which loads dynamic content such as banner ads this will allow your traffic to click these items without triggering Exit Jacker.