Link Conflict Resolution

For BackJacker Ultimate users, their is potential for links to be added to the back button history stack in a way that you might not like.  Since BackJacker Ultimate allows for both Global Configuration and Custom Settings, it is possible that someone might land on an inner page which is set to place links to an affiliate page into the back button history; however, if a visitor then clicks a link that would take them to another page on the web site that has global settings configured to visit random pages or posts in an attempt to reduce bounce rate, BackJacker would by default add the new configuration of links to the back button history before the affiliate link would load.

The BackJacker conflict resolution settings will help give you more control over the links that are injected into the back button history.  The available options are:

  • Append – This is the default option which will push additional links onto the back button history stack.
  • Replace – This will replace any links that may have been pushed into the back button history with the new links either on the custom configured page or the global configuration page.
  • Ignore – This will check to see if any links have been added to the history stack and if their have been, it will not place new links on the stack.  If nothing is found, it will add the links to the stack.

These settings exist in both the Global Configuration and the Custom Configuration pages to assist with any potential conflicts to give you more control where you send your traffic.