Polymorphic Settings

BackJacker Ultimate comes with more features to reduce the BackJacker footprint….which is already minuscule to begin with.  With BackJacker Ultimate, you can let BackJacker change both the BackJacker cookie name, as well as the installation folder name on a periodic basis.

The settings are as follows:

Cookie auto rename – You can set a time duration for BackJacker to automatically change the cookie name either daily, weekly, or monthly.  You can also set this field to never to disable automatic cookie renaming.
Cookie name – You can manually change the cookie name, or allow BackJacker to randomly change the cookie name based on the settings configured in the cookie auto rename drop down.
Cookie duration in days – This will set the expiration of the BackJacker cookie.  Setting the value to 0 (zero) will create a session cookie.  Setting it to anything above 0 will allow the cookie to last that many days.  Setting a value higher than zero is good if you have a lot of return traffic and do not want to constantly BackJack them.
Folder auto rename – This will allow you to set a time duration for BackJacker to rename it’s installation plugin folder.  You can have BackJacker automatically change the installation folder daily, weekly, or monthly.  You can also disable this function by setting the option to never.
Folder name – This is the folder name of where BackJacker is installed.  You can customize it yourself, or allow BackJacker to randomly change the name on a periodic basis.

*If you enable automatic cookie renaming, it is important that you choose an interval that falls within the Cookie duration period.  If you have the cookie renaming daily, and a duration of 5 days, the duration will be overridden as the cookie BackJacker is looking for will have changed after one day.

**Folder auto rename works on most web hosts.  BackJacker needs certain access to the file system in order to properly rename the installation folder.  In all of the hosting we have tested with we have not yet come across anything that has restricted the functionality; however we cannot guarentee this functionality will work with your hosting company without changes to permissions.