Pool And Final Custom Field Name

If you have a site with tons of inner pages and do not want to configure custom BackJacker settings on each page you can utilize the BackJacker global configuration to select a WordPress Custom Field to handle your back button hijacks on your inner posts.

To setup Custom Field BackJacking, you want to create a new Custom Field on any post you would like to configure custom settings on.  It is important that you name the Custom Field the same on each post and just input the URL to insert into the history in the value field.  You can create multiple custom fields on the same post using the same Custom Field name with different URLs in the value fields to add multiple URLs to the history.

Using Custom Fields, you can also specify the final look up URL in the same fashion.  Create a Custom Field name that is different from the one that was created for your pool links and use that on every post in order to specify the final look up URL.

The Custom Fields options will override custom settings on a per post basis if BackJacker the Custom Field specified on the post.  If none is found BackJacker will default to your configured per post settings.