Pool And Final JQuery Selector

This is an advanced link selection method for BackJacker.  By configuring data in the Pool and Final JQuery Selector fields, you can globally set custom configuration settings on any page or post.

In order to use the JQuery selector you need to specify code on your pages or posts.  This works great if you are already using affiliate links on your pages or posts as you just need to create a class for the hyperlink and provide that to either the Pool JQuery Selector and/or the Final Link JQuery Selector in the global configuration page.  Alternatively, if you did not want to display your custom code, you could utilize hidden classes and provide the class name to the JQuery Selector fields.

Examples of how to use the JQuery Selector:

Hyperlink Example:

<a class=”final_link” title=”Bing” href=”bing.com”>Link</a>

This would create a link to Bing, and you would enter final_link into either the Pool JQuery Selector or Final Link JQuery Selector field.

Hidden Class Example:

<input class=”pool_link” title=”MSN” type=”hidden” value=”msn.com” />
<input class=”pool_link” title=”GOOGLE” type=”hidden” value=”google.com” />

The above code would create hidden classes that would not display anything on your website.   The class name is pool_link and that is what you would enter into the JQuery Selector on the global configuration screen.  In the above example, we have two classes with the same name but pointing to different URLs.  If you specified to add two links in the BackJacker global configuration page it would drop both of the links into the history.

The JQuery Selector options will override custom settings on a per page or post basis if BackJacker finds a JQuery class name on the page or post.  If no JQuery class name is found BackJacker will default to your configured per page/post settings.